♟️Checkmate Pro Bot - User Instruction Manual

1. Creating a Profile:

  • Click on "Create Profile" to initiate the process.

  • Select the filters that align with your trading preferences.

  • Set these filters as a new profile by assigning a unique name.

2. Managing Your Wallet:

  • Navigate to "Manage Wallet" to access wallet-related functions.

  • Create a new wallet within the platform.

  • Fund the newly created wallet with Ethereum (ETH).

  • For Private Keys of the new wallets, type /key, and retrieve them from the bot.

3. Viewing Your Profile:

  • Access the "View Profile" section to review your trading profile.

  • Add an auto-buy feature to your profile.

4. Configuring Auto-Buy:

  • Choose specific parameters such as gas and slippages for your trades within the auto-buy feature.

  • Define conditions such as token amount, price, or other relevant criteria.

  • Turn your profiles and auto-buy feature on by pressing the play button.

5. Monitoring Your Profile Notifications:

  • Sit back and allow the bot to monitor the market for new pairs.

  • Once a trading pair aligns with your set parameters, the bot will automatically execute a purchase.

  • Receive a notification specifying the particular pair that has been auto-bought.

6. Checking Auto-Buy Bags:

  • Navigate to the "Auto-Buy Bags" section to review your acquired assets.

  • Evaluate the performance of your assets and sell accordingly based on your trading strategy.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to efficiently utilize the Checkmate Pro Bot, ensuring a seamless and personalized trading experience.

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