Empower your trades, automated with precision.

What is Checkmate ?

Checkmate is an evolution as much as it is an innovation - the first of its kind telegram bot that aims to be the leader in the next level of DeFi analytics. Checkmate provides personal bot customization of filters of all types of blockchain information, and is here to bridge the gap of all things pre and post launch with precise automated trading and revenue share.

The core of the Checkmate platform comprises of the following:

Bot Profile Customization - Limitless data filters at your disposal to craft your personal profile with. 
 Data analytics – Collect limitless data from the blockchain and provide users with stable and accurate information. 

 Trade Automation - Set your Auto buy and Auto sell parameters based on your tailored profiles. 

Revenue sharing - Revenue Share from trading fees and referral bonuses.

…Imagine this ✅ Contract is not clogged > X%. ✅ Smart contract processes $100K in transactions in 5 minutes. ✅ Dev's wallet is not funded from FixedFloat (not washed ETH). ✅ Both twitter and telegram are verified in the smart contract source code. ✅ Unique Checksum.

Get your telegram signals when all of these met with a revolutionary tech within our telegram bot. 🤖 AND generating an auto-buy based on presets that involves ETH, gas and slippage settings.

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